Business Listing and Marketing Portal Development

Heurisko is a Business Listing and Marketing Portal that is dedicated to connecting business owners, artisans and potential customers together for easy business transaction.

The task was:
  • Design & Development of Lead Capture Page.

  • Design & Development of Backend and Frontend of the Portal.

  • Social Media Marketing and Strategy for social boosting.

What We Did:

Lots of Pens were inked on paper to make sure that the concept was well understood by our team of developers. Many hours of Conference and Video Calls. Collaborative efforts of every one on the team made it possible to quickly adopt a LAYOUT to be used as well as the PROCESS and DATA FLOW at the backend.

The Backend Development was handled by our in-house full stack Backend Developer with combination of Technologies to achieve great result while, simultaneously the Frontend Design was taken charge by our team of developers and Creative designers to make sure that both front and back communicate seamlessly without any glitch.

Frameworks and Lots of Technological Integrations were done to make sure we achieve these great results in a short-while.

Lead capture page is ready. Social Media Boosting is ongoing. The main portal will be live in a couple of weeks, while the social channels would have gotten some reasonable number of popularity.

Skills and Technologies Used

Full Stack Development
Layout/Framework Design
Social Marketing

What Our Clients are Saying: